The Stoned Fox is here

Once upon a time, an eccentric fox encountered Elon Musk and forged a close bond with him.

One fateful day, Mr. Musk extended an invitation to the fox for a journey to Mars, a proposal the fox gladly embraced.

However, an imperfect landing procedure resulted in the spaceship’s unfortunate explosion during their return to Earth.

Through its remarkable intuition, the fox miraculously escaped unscathed. Yet, the encounter with the hazardous fumes had an unexpected consequence.

The fox became remarkably disoriented, exhibiting erratic behavior that bordered on madness.

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How to Buy $SFOX

You should know this by now, but here’s a quick guide to help you.

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Trading Simplified

Track $SFOX with a plethora of trading analysis features, and trade it with an intuitive built in Uniswap add-on, thanks to DexTools’ innovative platform.

Zero Bullshit

Are you tired of devs holding large chunks of the supply, bullshit features and other stuff you don’t need?

 $SFOX is 100% meme, 0% bullshit.


The tokenomics are purposely kept as simple as possible, with a total supply of 420,690,000,000,000, divided as follows:

  • 93% Liquidity Pool
  • 7% CEX Listings

That’s it. No tax, no bullshit, no hidden fees. Just meme.

Stoned Roadmap

Release token, get listed, build community. Launch merchandise, NFTs, and partnerships. Take over the meme world. Conquer with a cruise ship and meme exchange. Oh, and turn Twitter into a Stoned Fox. Just your typical foxy adventure!

Phase 1: Introducing Stoned Fox

  • Launch the Stoned Fox project and release the $SFOX token
  • Get listed on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap to increase visibility
  • Aim to achieve 1,000+ holders of $SFOX
  • Utilize the memetic power of the Stoned Fox story to generate buzz and trend on Twitter
  • Influencers and crypto personalities onboarded

Phase 2: Building the Community

  • Forge partnerships with relevant communities, influencers, and media outlets
  • Pursue listings on reputable centralized exchanges (CEX) and aim for 10,000+ holders
  • Weekly minigames with a prize pool
  • Stoned farms release with locked staking, liquidity farms and locked farms
  • Smart contract audit
  • $SFOX airdrop to holders

Phase 3: Expansion and Empowerment

  • Launch the Stoned Fox merchandise line, offering unique and branded items
  • Aim for listings on tier-one exchanges and strive to achieve 100,000+ holders of $SFOX
  • Continue leveraging the memetic power of Stoned Fox to create a viral impact and increase brand recognition
  • Release of NFT collection and NFT staking platform
  • Exclusive $SFOX whales group
  • Strategic partnerships with tier one influencers
  • $SFOX airdrop to long term holders
  • $TSLA stocks giveaway

Phase 4: Meme Takeover and Beyond

  • Further expand the Stoned Fox brand and community through strategic partnerships and collaborations
  • Virtual and IRL events for the community all over the world
  • Actively engage with the community to solicit feedback, implement improvements, and maintain a vibrant ecosystem
  • Continuously innovate and adapt to the ever-changing crypto landscape to ensure long-term sustainability and success
  • Layer 2 Stoned Chain

Phase 5: Conquering the world

  • Stoned Exchange, a fully meme coin based exchange
  • Stoned cruise ship, a full branded Stoned Fox cruise ship going around the world in 365 days with Elon and world class celebrities, free for top holders
  • Twitter logo becomes a Stoned Fox for 1 week

About Us​

We are a based development team with years of Web2 and Web3 marketing experience.

Our goal is to grow SFOX to new heights previously thought impossible by other shitcoins, through large influencer partnerships and a mix of online and offline marketing.

Expect big things and proper management here, no bullshit and empty promises.

Join the Fox Alliance!

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